• Background

  •   Ying Rex Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1980. It was part of Ideation Group of companies., established in 1977. Ideation is a trading company specialized in bicycles, bicycle parts, and related accessories. Besides the head office in Taipei, Ideation has successfully set up branch offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Tianjin in mainland China and extended its business activities in several different product to meet the demand of the market. A few people were teamed up in 1997 to handle all e-bike business for the changes of the market & the rising of the eco-friendly issues. Indoor fitness equipment and motorcycle parts division were included in the operation and turnover sales figure steadily increasing.

  •   Since January 1st, 2012, the e-bike division is independently operating under the name of Ying Rex Industrial.

  •   Ying Rex not only owns its unique brand of Emaxi but also offers OEM or customized e-bikes services (ODM) and supply all kinds of e-bike parts & accessories.

  •   Electric bike specialty and owner’s brand manufacturing (OBM)

  •   In e-bike field, Ying Rex has professional and experienced people with skills of traditional bicycle as well as electric bike technology. With the ability of innovative R&D, Ying Rex creates lots of glorious achievements, with professional and keen perspectives. We are advocates of energy saving and environmental friendly oriented mind as our core value.

  •   Emaxi, the owned brand of Ying Rex, insists on producing high quality products and MiPOWER, the best-selling of Emaxi series, has won its Championship in the famous French Alpe d'Huez race. This wins Ying Rex a fine reputation and reflects on the rising of sales volume every year in the U.S. and the U.K.



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